The Stand

This is the post excerpt.


I believe in God, and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour. I decided to start this blog to document the war on Christianity. I know that Christians are persecuted daily in many countries. It’s just that it hasn’t been so open and blatant in the USA since I’ve been alive. I was born in 1975, and the world has changed so much in the past 41 years than it has in hundreds on years. Our children cannot pray at school. We cannot pray at public events. We cannot discuss our beliefs openly without backlash. I have a biblical view of homosexuality. In my America, this makes me a homophobe. I am pro-life. In my America, this makes me an anti-feminist. I voted for Donald Trump. In my America, this makes me a racist. As a Christian, I am muted in a country that boasts free speech. While I am free to say anything that does not hurt someone else’s feelings, I am not free to speak the truth. I am not free to stand up for what I believe in. Some try to stamp out anything related to Christ. Saying that my beliefs are offensive to them. I cannot sit by silently any longer. It is now time to declare which side I am on. I am offended each time I see two people of the same sex kissing on TV. I am offended by parades and protests about civil rights for homosexuals. I’m offended that we are debating about gender identity and who can use what bathroom. I do not have to honor and celebrate just for the type of sex that they choose to have. I can say that I believe homosexuality is wrong, in the eyes of God, and should not be persecuted for it. But, I am prepared to be. AMEN.